Differences between toilet paper and tissue

What are the differences between toilet paper and tissue?

Both toilet paper and tissue (facial tissue) are made of paper pulp, and are designed or single use only. Facial tissue has a smoother, wetter surface than toilet paper because it is used to clean your face. The more expensive brands make use of lotions and scents on their tissues.

Toilet paper on the other hand is made of slightly rougher paper, which consists of one or more sheets, depending on the quality and the brand. The most expensive ones are also scented or decorated with nicer patterns. Cheap toilet paper consists of the roughest paper and just one or two tiny sheets of paper. When used often this can irritate your delicate parts, one can be better be safe and invest in better quality paper or use a bidet if possible.

The newest rage is toilet paper delivered to your home. This is more environmentally friended because it’s recycled paper and one orders a lot of rolls of paper at once.

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