Differences between growth hacking and digital marketing

What are the differences between growth hacking and digital marketing?

Let’s sum up the main characteristics of a growth hacker and a typical digital marketer. Then we will explain more about the differences and similarities between both marketing disciplines.

Growth Hackers are:

  • Data driven
  • Tech-savvy
  • T-shaped: knows all channels, but has dominant skills
  • Thinking outside the box (cross-channel mindset)
  • Eager to learn new skills
  • Constantly a/b-testing

They only take action on results based on data.

Digital Marketers are:

  • Specialists in one or two channels, for instance SEO or SEA.
  • Thinking within the box (within the boundaries of their own specialisation)
  • Less data-driven or no data-driven mindset
  • Economic or Sales background
  • Planning long term/whole campaigns

Let’s dive into the differences

Where Digital Marketers primarily focus on getting more traffic, a Growth Hacker will always think about the whole sales/product funnel. They think of strategies to improve the outcome of the whole chain by looking to all facets of the customer journey.

Most Digital Marketers are digital natives (non-technical people). They have to rely on developers, designers and other specialists and find it hard to implement those things themselves. Growth Hackers, on the other hand, are tech-savvy and can execute their ideas on their own.

Digital marketing professionals can evolve into proper growth hackers, but it takes a lot of effort. They have to become more data-driven and learn more about development (front-end and back-end). Read more about this topic on the website of Growth hacking Amsterdam.

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